6 Simple Steps to
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How to Transform Your Self-Image Into A Solid Reality Using A Simple, (But Effective) Step By Step Method & Start Getting Real Results In 30 Days.

In case you were wondering, here's the agenda of e-mails for the next 6 days.

Day 1 - Picking your goal Introduction)
Day 2 - Determining your daily calorie needs
Day 3 - Finding a training program for you
Day 4 - Deciding on any supplementation
Day 5 - Monitoring your progress
Day 6 - Putting it all together (Conclusion)
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A Welcome Message from Lewis  -Owner

Dear fitness enthusiast, When I started looking around the Internet for good information on nutrition, fitness and training programs, it soon became apparent to me that there was not a lot of structured or focused information available. In 1999 I knew nothing about creating web sites or portals, but decided that I had to try to sort something out of all this, because there were good things drowned in all the useless sites..

You see I am just a regular guy trying to balance my time between a hectic day job and running AtoZfitness.com as well as having time to enjoy life.

AtoZ Fitness grew as people realized that they would find this concentration of web sites and fitness books under this one portal. We have a very popular weekly newsletter filled with great new content every week. We announce every once in a while great new fitness product launches saving you tons of money and getting you unbelievable value for your money.

I am delighted to welcome you to the AtoZfitness web site.

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you why we list various programs on the AtoZ Fitness website.

I am regularly contacted with proposals for products to review, but only the top few end up on the AtoZ fitness website.  Some people I also contact directly if I find that their products are top notch material..

The products I review and select to appear here are all products I feel will give you your best value for your purchase. They must be complete, offer publishers support and come with a money back guarantee for all my visitors.

The programs on the AtoZ website vary in topics from fat loss to muscle gain and I pick from the best the ones that I feel give you, our visitor, the best choices.

We have some of the best fitness articles written by the most well known fitness writers available on our fitness article blog. You can visit the fitness article blog with over 500+ articles at: http://articles.atozfitness.com .

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